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"For two years after her death, I found myself in dark places, alone, un-comfortable and scared.  Nobody taught me how to understand and work through emotions that caused me anxiety, depression and self doubt."






Last summer my whole world changed. I could not believe my ears, at only 30 years old, hearing “You have breast cancer.” The next six months consisted of endless appointments, surgery and chemotherapy. I have always been active but treatment made me weak. Most days I did not have the energy to do more than a walk around the block. I ate out of boredom. Once I received the ok to go back to the gym from my doctor, the scale was up and my confidence was down. I put on a wig and wore looser clothing but I just didn’t feel like myself.

I told myself that cancer had already taken so much from me, I’m nearing the end of treatment and I’m no longer going to let it control of my happiness. One sleepless night about two months ago I researched trainers online and found Wink Fitness. After one workout I was totally hooked. Jessica keeps the workouts challenging and gives TONS of support for anything I need.

I adore all of the supportive, strong and smiling women who have become friends there. Throughout my radiation treatment my doctors kept telling me how surprised they were about how quickly and how well I was bouncing back from everything. I strongly believe the time spent at Wink is the reason. Although I still have plenty of work to do before I reach my goals, I already feel stronger and am regaining my confidence. I love the motivation I receive at from Jessica and the other ladies. Seeing their results has taught me a positive mindset is everything.

- Courtney Villa

I am addicted.  Plain and simple.  I am addicted to my workouts at Wink’s.  I embarked on a personal health journey beginning in 2014 that started with changing my diet and eliminating much of the processed foods I was eating.  I also cut way back on that glass or two of wine per evening.  Started feeling better.  Still not in shape, but feeling better.  

In August 2015 I began personal training with Jessica at Wink’s.  Now, this was different!  Not only were the workouts fast paced and extremely challenging, but she had me write in a journal that is kept at the gym to set my intentions for the day following the workout session.  This was new for me---and it has made such a difference as I feel that I am working on my WHOLE person---physical, emotional, spiritual.

It is difficult somedays journaling things that can be “sticky” in my life, but writing it down brings it out and helps me to focus and face my day head on.   I feel empowered.   This combined with the high I get after my challenging workout is a killer combo. 


I am currently 8 months into my training with Jess.  I have never felt better!  My energy levels are soaring and I feel that this enables me to expand even more in both my personal and business spaces.  I am a full time working mom, married with two small children.  I no longer feel guilty about the time I set aside for my workouts.   I am a better mom and wife because of these sessions.  Because of the personal sacrifice of my time.  Because of the determination it takes to get up at 5 am to train.  Because of the journaling.  Because Jess pushes me to be the best me possible.  Because of the healthier eating that naturally becomes part of this paradigm shift.   Thank you Jess for making a difference in my life with your gift.   This is one addiction I will never kick.

- Christa Clark

I started training with Jessica this past October with the goal of getting my body in shape for my upcoming wedding in April 2016.  I have always been active with cardio and yoga but never had a focus on strength training.  With Jessica's coaching and guidance, I made great improvements in my strength, tone, endurance and muscle definition.  But what was even more impactful and unexpected was the strength I gathered from training with an amazing group of dedicated women, each with their own story.  I look forward to every class and crave the feelings of confidence, pride, positivity, camaraderie and satisfaction I leave class with.  These feelings seep in to every aspect of my, relationships, overall happiness...thank you Jessica (and ladies!) for making me feel so good.  While I sure am looking forward to my wedding day, I plan to continue this practice long after.  See you in class!

- Emily Chapman

"It had been many years of going through hell and some major changes in my life that brought me to this place of standing still, sober and raw and I knew I had to do something different. I had always been active, in some way, and had accomplished many goals in the past with fitness and a healthy way of life, but I had stopped all of it and became depressed and angry. I was left with the bottom of me, and I realized it was all MY doing, all of my choices. I never truly wanted to look inside, it was a scary place to go, but it was time. I believe in this life, we all eventually have to take that journey inside, if we want to live a balanced and happy life.


Well, I was desperate, and it was time.


Thank God for social media, I saw a 30 day challenge posted by Jessica Winkelhausen, and found out her studio was seven minutes from my house. This would be my start. I later found out two friends were starting the challenge too. I wasn’t going to do it alone. January 11, 2015 I walked into Jessica’s studio, full of fear, but determined. I had no idea what I was getting into, but somehow the courage was there, so I went with it. It may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but when you get to a place where your dreams have faded and your life isn’t anything like you thought it would be…this was a big deal.Jessica is not only a fitness coach, but a woman that embraces positive mindset and spiritual principles and it’s exactly what I needed. She believes in her clients and she inspires us and motivates us with every single session.


Within the 30 days, I started to feel so much better. I slept better, my body was moving again and my muscles started to remember what it felt like to be strong. I decided to continue after the 30 days, and by six months I made a decision to step on stage at the WBFF show in Sacramento, six weeks before the show. I was the oldest one there, but it didn’t matter. The discipline with my workouts and nutrition had brought me to a place inside that I had never been.


Most important, I realized that it wasn’t so much about the outside, it was about finding courage and strength from the inside, I didn’t know I had. It was about accomplishing goals and never giving up and being just who I am no matter what. It’s about walking through anything life brings and using tools that I’ve gained over the years and within the studio.


This walk on my fitness journey has been about finally loving me, and knowing it’s not even really about me, it’s about something much bigger. I could never thank Jessica enough! I consider her a mentor and friend that coached me to start the journey of becoming the best me I can be, knowing that it’s just the beginning, but it’s helped so much with balancing life.


Jessica is doing what she loves and it shows. She’s a selfless woman that inspires so many women, from all walks of life in the community, to become and overcome whatever is going on in their lives. We experience life, with each other, within the walls of her studio, and always walk out feeling better. Fitness and a healthy way of life, for me, is about taking responsibility for myself and my choices. It’s not always easy, but it’s so much better than the misery of being stagnate and sick! Body, Mind and Spirit…it all works together."


    - Debbi Book             

"I have always been athletic and into sports of some kind. Physical activity had always been apart of my day to day life. After graduating college in took my first job in Cooperate America. Long work days, traveling all over the area to manage client relationships, client lunches and taking my work home with me at night quickly became my reality.


My priority became work, I started skipping workouts and before I knew it my diet consisted of fast food and was only eating one to two meals per day. I decided to recommit myself to fitness by committing to compete in my first fitness show.


My journey with Jessica not only changed my appearance on the outside, which obviously was the goal, but it also changed the way I felt inside as well.


Nutrition, workouts and commitment got me to my very first show where I placed top 5. I was in awe of how good I felt about myself and my new way of thinking. I am big on self development and Jessica offers a program which you work on mind, body and spirit. Since my first show I have competed in two more shows and now continue to focus on strength training and gaining muscle. I would highly recommend Jessica as she is truly a life coach not a fitness trainer."


~Erin Kalte

"I was lucky enough to get introduced to Jess and Team Wink at such a critical time! I know Jessica came in my life for a reason!


Just 3 weeks out from my first attempt at a WBFF bikini competition I was really struggling with my diet, needed direction and needed some inspiration. Without questioning a thing she took me under her wing, adapted my diet and training and gave me as much of her confidence and wisdom she could. I ended up placing top 5 in my first show and I know it would not have happened without her.


Since then she continues to push me, motivate and inspire me everyday. She is a mom, she's running 2 successful businesses, planning a wedding and training to compete in Worlds this August.


In plain words she's real, she's human and ever so relatable to all of us girls. She has brought a group of us girls together that all drive towards positivity and pursuit of a happy healthy life. Some compete, others want to be healthy and others just love the team atmosphere and accountability.


Regardless of where we are in our fitness journey she is the perfect fit. Anyone who wants to surround themselves with positive powerful and healthy women, this is YOUR Gym, and this is YOUR coach!"                                                                                                                                                                 

 ~Jennifer Holcomb

"2014 has come with a lot of changes and challenges for me. Moved to Sac, got new job, got separated after 7 years together and I'm having to start over. I have an amazing 4yr old daughter who is my world and knew I needed to better myself to be better for her. 


I was blessed to have been introduced Jessica in February by a great friend Jamie Elden and it was perfect timing and perfect fit for me. I needed to get back to me in the midst of all the changes happening around me. Jess has not only helped me achieve my weight loss goals,but has helped me spiritually and mentally go through one of the toughest life changing events in my life. With the help of all the amazing woman I have had the pleasure to meet and workout with on Jessica's team i have never been more motivated, excited and just ready to get back to me and really see what I can achieve physically,mentally and spiritually.


So far I have lost 20lbs, a number of inches all over and I feel the best than I have ever have.  My goals for 2015 to hit full weight loss goal, to do a photoshoot and the biggest goal to step on stage to do my first fitness show."




"I  trained with Jessica for a year consistently. I watched my body change and take shape in one I was confident in! So much so that I competed in my first WBFF show in LA in Oct of 2014. 


Jess is relatable, down to earth and caring. She not only cares about if you are reaching your goals on the outside but also if your spiritual goals mindset are on point.


A lot of women do not like the standard “gym”, do not know how to lift, do not know where to even start. Jessica will give you the knowledge and empowerment to walk into any gym and be confident!"


~Amy Wolfe

"I first met jess through her 30 day bikini challenge last year. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new, with the goal of getting in better shape. After I completed the 30 day challenge and saw the results I signed on as a full time client.


I looked better on the outside, but also felt better on the inside. I've struggled with stress and insomnia for years. After starting a regular exercise and nutrition program I noticed I was falling asleep quicker and sleeping through the night, which hasn't happened in a very long time. My stress level also decreased. I just felt better all around. My blood pressure and resting heart rate are lower, which means my heart is not having to work as hard anymore. I didn't think I was in bad shape to begin with, but looking back I've changed so much for the better, both physically and emotionally as a result of proper exercise and nutrition. Not to mention the confidence that comes along with being fit and feeling good is priceless! 

Another thing I love about Jess is her "Motivational Mondays" where we receive a little card with a quote on it at the end of our workouts on Mondays. It's the perfect way to start out the week. I feel so blessed to have met Jess. She pushes me and holds me accountable to my goals."

~Renee Wilhite

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